Innovative Development

Besal is an innovative, multi-faceted company that works to develop high-end residential projects, including new homes, townhouses, renovations, and extensions.
Our end-focused design vision combined with high quality craftsmanship and finishes, means Besal delivers modern and luxurious properties, that are perfectly suited to our modern lifestyle and are designed to last the test of time.


Besal has a clear focus on small to medium development that has allowed us to consistently deliver exceptional results on every project. Besal’s development philosophy is entirely focused on developing unique properties that are designed and engineered for modern living and functionality while providing a refined level of finish.


With our commitment in our own projects to developing best building practices and embracing innovation, durability, and sound design principals, Besal is ideally positioned to provide effective and adaptable building solutions to those clients we choose to work with.

Why Besal?

Distinctive High-End Developments
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